About the Drunken Scholar

A little bit about me… but where to start? Okay, I’ll begin at the beginning…

I was born the son of a vicar and a gardener, both of whom have degrees in fine art, and both of whom are well read and educated to varying degrees in various subjects. Ours was a house of books, music, and learning. When I was 3, my parents finally got a TV, because it turned up at my house along with my grandmother (who was one of the first women ever accepted to Oxbridge, a former school teacher, and a formidable mathematician).

It was a pleasant childhood – I had lots of friends, did well at school, and got a baby sister. When I was 11, my high academic performance saw me shipped off to board at a public school, which was a decidedly less idyllic affair. I continued to perform well academically, but my early life had ill-prepared me to deal with the rampant authoritarianism, idiocy, and brutality that was (back then) so sadly prevalent at such institutions. Eventually, I was expelled. But not to be deterred, I taught myself my A levels, and secured a place at University.

That was a good 3 years. A 3 years in which my mind was opened to previously unknown vistas of knowledge and experience, some academic, some less so.

After university, I became bored by academia and the bureaucracy it entailed. So I became a removal man, a job at which I was barely competent. Following that, I entered the finance industry, which bored the hell out of me.

Eventually, I found a career that I loved; writing. Today, I work as a copywriter for an international creative agency, a role in which I have won multiple industry awards. I also freelance, writing articles, short fiction, poetry, essays and pretty much anything else I’m asked to.

I am a fairly accomplished musician and songwriter and a qualified private investigator. I also went back into education while working, recently getting my Ph.D in philosophy from an unaccredited university. And I’m also an experienced martial artist, holding a 7th level black belt in one style of kung fu, and having studied a few others along the way.

I consider myself an agnostic, or perhaps a spiritual atheist, and firmly heterodox. I practise Qi Gong, and have been initiated into the Nath Samprayada, a school of Hindu Tantra.

I’m also a full member of the International Society of Philosophical Enquiry, and have contributed to their journal. My main philosophical interests are social and political philosophy, ethics, the philosophy of mind and cognition, and the philosophy of religion.

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now. I hope you like my blog.

The Drunken Scholar.


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